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Headquartered in Mount Pleasant, STAR, Inc. is a premier high-tech small business for South Carolina. Since its founding in 1998, STAR has performed aircraft and spacecraft research for the Department of Defense, NASA, and NIAC. With in-house and SBIR funding for small business, STAR has developed new concepts for high-altitude, long-endurance aircraft; propellantless, maneuvering spacecraft; and space elevators for the Moon. STAR has also won the Small Business Administration’s National Tibbetts Award for South Carolina.


Significant Contracts:

Phobos Tether Dynamics Study

Langley NIAC PHase I

EDDE Ground Development

NASA Office of the Chief Technologist

Game Changing Division


ElectroDynamic Debris Eliminator (EDDE)



High Altitude Morphing Aircraft

Phase II SBIR, Air Force Research Laboratory


Autonomous Orbit Transfer Vehicle

DARPA Tactical Technology Office

High-Payoff Space Tethers

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

In-Space Propulsion Technologies Program

The Lunar Space Elevator

NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts