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                                    ElectroDynamic Debris Eliminator (EDDE) Vehicle



  • Achieve a safe environment in low Earth orbit (LEO)
  • Reduce the risks to space travelers and valuable space assets
  • Do this by actively removing dangerous debris objects
  • Prevent debris “runaway” from collisions of current debris

Popular Movie
  • EDDE is featured on the DVD of the major motion picture “Gravity”
  • Gravity stars Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, and Ed Harris as the voice of mission control
  • Copyright by Warner Brothers, 2013; available at video retailers everywhere



Based on the use of our electrodynamic thruster for space propulsion, achieve:

  • Propellantless, reusable space vehicles with virtually unlimited delta-V
  • Maneuverable over all of low Earth orbit
  • Compact and lightweight—just 100 kg (220 lb), packs into 0.11 m3 (4 ft3)
  • Captures debris with lightweight nets




Debris Removal Simulation

This simulation shows a fleet of 12 EDDE vehicles cleaning up LEO in less than 7 years:

  • Debris objects (red boxes) are plotted by altitude and inclination

  • EDDE fleet (green boxes) deploys from one launch, moves to different debris clusters

  • An EDDE grabs each object and drags it down (yellow boxes) to short-lived orbits

  • Small objects are lowered quickly; massive objects take longer, as shown

  • All 2465 cataloged LEO objects >2 kg are removed in 6.7 years in this simulation

Watch Full Screen:

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