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Senior Designer


B.I.D. (5-year program), Syracuse University, 1964


Harry Wykes joined STAR, Inc. in 2004. He has more than 30 years of experience in the areas of mechanical design, both in CAD and traditional drafting, hand fabrication and surface development in clays, foams, composites and elastomers; casting, machining, vacuum forming, laser-cutting and stereo lithography. Mr. Wykes has also provided outstanding designs in electronic special effects, optics and robotics and is an accomplished illustrator, painter and photographer. He has been an industrial design consultant since June 1995, with the principal client being Walt Disney Imagineering, Imaging And Effects. For Disney, he has been responsible for mechanical design and fabrication of several major SFX systems, including full size bronze cannons that could be "fired" by the guests and a simulated burning meteor; design and construction of a 270° Virtual Reality "Cave"; and design and fabrication of two major VR guest experiences.


From 1969 to 1995, he was associated with The Brubaker Group in Los Angeles, where he managed the studio and a staff of 2 to 20 employees; was in charge of conceptual and detailed design of products, toys, vehicles and theme park attractions; and prepared illustrations in a variety of media, mechanical drawing, full size lofting, model making and prototype fabrication. His clients included Learjet, North American Rockwell, Space Center Houston, Nintendo, Subaru, AMC/Renault, Walt Disney Imagineering, Iwerks, Bob Rogers Company, and various TV productions.


From 1964 to 1969, he was responsible for design of automobile exteriors and interiors at the Ford Motor Company, and developed advanced appliance concepts for the Philco Division.


"A Widely Adaptable Habitat Construction System Utilizing Space Resources,”
  presented at the NASA Lewis Vision 21 conference, Cleveland, OH, NASA Conference
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"Remotely Controlled Vehicle Containing a Television Camera," United States
  patent 5,481,257 (with rights in 21 other countries), 1996